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Our Story

Building Excellence

We believe in building excellence, which is a constant endeavour at Aesthetix. Our clients trust us to create and accomplish end-to-end solutions for all their business communication requirements. In the last decade of working with multi nationals across the Indian Sub-continent and the Middle East, we continue to optimize and better the design, supply, installation, testing, commissioning and maintenance of cutting-edge technologies- Converting client needs into realities. With oru focus on the pulse of accelerating developments in technology, we have been able to adjudge what works best for our client’s growth. Our industry experts deliver solutions in time, within fiscal estimates, with a strong focus on delivering the optimal solutions to all our clients.

The road ahead

Aesthetix can be of service for any business’ internal and external communication strategy. Our teams work meticulously with our clients to understand their requirements. We recommend the appropriate technology and help our clients take advantage of the latest developments for a tomorrow resounding with growth. Our solutions facilitate sustainable growth and will help businesses communicate effectively and seamlessly over a sustained period of time. Our systems integration expertise helps implement and integrate proven state-of-the-art technologies to achieve business objectives.

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    Our Vision

    Our Vision at Aesthetix is to deliver exceptional & intuitive user experiences for our clients. They key word is exceptional as this is an overarching concept encompasses our desire to ensure our clients & employees thrive.


    To use our unique portfolio of reliable, innovative and cost effective services to deliver full value to clients.

    To shape and lead competitive markets employing the highest ethical standards

    To build long-term healthy relationships with clients based on mutual trust, reliability and respect.

    To maintain a balanced environment for our employees, where diversity and an open door policy are practiced as a critical component of our success.

    Our Team

    Our people will always have you at the forefront of all their interactions. Each individual at Aesthetix is driven to ensure our customer needs are delivered right under any circumstance, Our team is equipped with expert industry experience and strives to deliver the optimal solution. As a team we have innovation and our customers at the crux of all our short and long term goals.

    Sudan Mylsamy

    Sudan Mylsamy

    Managing Director

    Sudan is an unswerving believer in the phrase “Building excellence”. He founded the company in 2006 with the aspiration of providing intelligent AV solutions that go beyond a client’s expectations with a strong focus on quality. Since the company’s inception he has been successfully engaging with a gamut of clients across various industries and focusing on the growth of Aesthetix & its clients.

    Sudheer Mani

    Sudheer Mani

    Sales & Client Relations

    Sudheer is a firm believer that our clients deserve nothing less than a perfect solution. His outlook on our client relations is governed by his belief that a healthy business relationship is driven by the quality of our work. Sudheer has been with Aesthetix since 2017 and has been managing our global sales and client relations.

    Sunil NL

    Sunil NL

    Procurement and Logistics

    Sunil who heads our procurement & logistics division,manages our end to end process of product procurement across the globe, inventory control and logistics to ensure the delivery of solutions to our customers.

    Darshan Bysani

    Darshan Bysani

    Finance & Accounts

    Darshan is responsible for one of our key resources who ensures we run a smooth business, He heads the finance & accounts team. With his strong eye on the financial health of the company, Darshan strategies and plans for our long-term financial goals.