Do you feel limited by your current platform? Are you losing productivity because the end users are baffled by the AV in the Room? Does the audio of conferencing weigh heavy on your patience and tire you out? Is it taking too much time to get what you want to be displayed on the screen ? Is the AV Infrastructure not working when you really need it to ? Real time problems need real-time solutions. Let our solutions effectively solve this for you.

Intelligent Solutions

Discussion and Voting Systems


Integrated AV and Control Solutions

Integrated Solutions

Show Control

Simulation and CAD Design


Video Collaboration & Unified Communications

What’s in it for my business?

Aesthetix is ideal for any organization in any vertical. From banking and finance, hospitality, healthcare and the government to real estate, retail, and utility. When you partner with us you leverage the potential of our wide range of integrated technology products to benefit in easy automation, intelligent business, optimized end-user experiences, and returns on investment. Aesthetix is your go-to AV solutions provider that will ameliorate the productivity of your organization to the next level.

Enhanced customer experience

Better use of employee time

Streamlined operations

Flexible integration of virtual and physical infrastructures

Efficient time spend of productivity in the boardroom

Don’t let the mediocre technology limit the quality of your interactions. Tap in to the new generation of integrated AV tech. that works for your business.

How do my customers benefit?

One might ponder how AV affects your customer engagement? Your customer engagements become everything and more than they expect. The intuitive, easy to use services, and fluid control over communicating using AV in interactions, makes it seamless to communicate what you want to your customers. We want to help you create outstanding AV experiences, naturally both the customer and you benefit mutually.

Upgraded Interactions

Simplified Sharing

Increased Productivity

Communication Clarity

Creating the right impression with clients and partners is important to your business. Aesthetix allows for powerful visitor engagement using stunning interactive solutions.