Paging & Background Music

A background music system delivers music to each area with its own separate and individual music tailored specifically for that area. Music specifically designed for the lobby or music specifically designed for a restaurant etc. Background music requires a “many” principle of audio delivery for example. many audio sources to different parts of the hotel.

Background music systems for retail

Consumers today are not simply just buying a product; if they wish to do that they can do so online very quickly at the post of a button. If they are shopping in your store then they are also buying the experience and music adds to that. There can be no doubt that people are influenced by music and you can easily use it to capture the attention of your demographic and draw them into your store. If they enjoy their experience with you, they will come back, and if they come back then they buy more.

Background music systems for hospitality

A well-designed music system in pubs, bars, cafe’s, hotels and restaurants creates a good atmosphere for your clients and if they are happy and comfortable in your establishment then the likelihood is that they will stay longer and therefore spend more money in your business. Like with anything else, people are buying the experience as much as a product so the music will add to this: encourage people to relax in spa’s, burn energy in gyms, de-stress in your bar or relax in your restaurant – all can be helped by the gentle influence of music, encouraging people to stay longer and most importantly come back.

Presentation And Conferencing Systems

Provide site-wide background music and audio paging frm multiple sources at different locations and in different zones of your establishment.